Parents & Tots - 45 minutes (Ages 1-3)


This program is a wonderful introduction to movement for the naturally inquisitive child. Children in this program will explore lots of different movement patterns and this will create a foundation for a life time of physical activity. The little ones will have the opportunity to try all of our equipment while they play with others their age. Parents take an active role as liaison between the coach and child.


Pre Kinder - 55 minutes (Ages 3-4)


Children will work more independently now without mom and dad. Gross motor skill development is now the focus in this fun filled class. The children will learn all of the basic gymnastics positions and how to do them on various pieces of equipment.This program is designed to encourage independence within a group as well as guided discovery using fun as a messenger.


Kinder Gym - 55 minutes (Ages 5-6)


Kids will now be introduced to a more structured but fun program. They will expand on basic body positions and certain skills including handstands and cartwheels. They will also start to develop strength, flexibility, endurance as well as equipment knowledge.


Recreational - 55 minutes (Ages 7 to 17)


These classes are perfect for gymnastics enthusiasts of all ages! This is a progressive program based on gymnastics canada guidelines. Classes are fun, exciting and fast paced. The focus is based on increasing the gymnasts' unique abilities and building on the basics, the gymnasts have many opportunities to learn more advanced skills. This program will ensure that your child learns at their own pace and that they reach their full potential as a person and as an athlete.


Trampoline - 55 minutes (Ages 7 & up)


This is an amazing program for kids who love to bounce and that want a challenge. They will progress from basic jumps and skills to more advanced skills, twists and combinations. (Somersaulting skills dependant on experience and skill level)

Competitve  Gymnastics


This program is by invitation only


Extreme North Gymnastics has an amazing team of dedicated and talented athletes who top the podiums across Ontario.They train anywhere from 2 to 4 days a week during the regular season and they participate in an intense boot camp during the summer in order to gain strength, endurance and maintain their flexibility. This program is by invitation only. Please ask for Sarrah Day (Head Coach NCCP Level 3). (705) 855-5445

High   School   Gymnastics




These 2 hour classes are based on the NOSSA and OFSAA requirements and target Grade 7 to Grade 12 students who are interested in participating in their school's gymnastics programs. No experience is needed to be part of this team!Register to reach your full potential and to learn at your own pace!



Special   Needs   Classes


These ½ to 1 hour classes are based on the fundamental movement patterns of gymnastics. They enhance gross motor skills while developing physical fitness and the child's self worth. The physical activity along with the social interactions, brought on by the small group setting, provide tremendous benefits. This program is presented in a safe, fun and supportive manner.

  • Option of parent/guardian accompaniment
  • Very small class sizes  
  • 10 week session


* These classes are currently created by demand, please contact us to request a class!  705-855-5445 (Dowling)







    $135 for a 10 week session

    + a once a year G.O. fee of $30 (effective September 1st 2018)

    Our 2014-2015 high school athletes at the NOSSA competition